Employment Of Relatives

More than one member of an immediate family may be employed at Central College. However, placements shall normally not be made where one employee is in a position to supervise or to influence the relative’s rate of pay or performance evaluation, promotion of the employee, the granting of tenure, or where the handling of confidential information, including access to their personnel files, could create awkward work situations. 

“Supervision” or “supervise” is used here in both the narrow and broad sense. In a narrow sense, supervision refers to the direct supervisor-subordinate relationship. In a broad sense, supervision refers to any relationship in which one of the parties may be subject to the personnel decisions of the other. Thus, for example, a near relative of the Dean of Admissions could not work anywhere in that division, since executive decisions on personnel actions recommended by the supervisors in that division are made by that individual. 

For all purposes involving the application of this policy, “relative” is defined as parent, spouse, child, brother, sister (or the foregoing as in-laws), and other close relatives by birth or marriage (such as aunt, uncle, nephew or niece). 

As situations change due to marriage of two employees in a department where a supervisory relationship would result, each case will be reviewed by the appropriate Vice President. Any exception to this policy must have the approval of the President of the college.