Computer Lab Usage Policy

Only Central College students, faculty and staff are permitted to use campus computer labs. “Students” means currently enrolled Central College students, both full and part time. “Faculty and staff” means regular, permanent employees, both full and part time. Students who need to use a computer for course work have priority use over students browsing the web for recreational purposes.

If you observe non-authorized persons using or attempting to use a campus computer lab, please contact the ITS Help Desk at or 641.628.7010.

Users are not permitted to load software onto lab computers. Doing so often destabilizes the function of the computer and causes problems for the next user. Any action compromising or attempting to compromise the integrity or security of computer systems or networks, whether internal or external to campus, is prohibited. Accessing or attempting to access a computer system or network using a false or assumed username or password is prohibited and is cause for disciplinary action.

Laser printers are provided in campus computer labs and are refilled with paper and toner by CHC student lab assistants. Call 641.628.7010 to report an outage of supplies. The cost of printing to lab laser printers is included in the cost of tuition. Please limit your printouts to one copy. Multiple copies must be reproduced on a photocopy machine or by some other method. Be sure to do a final preview of the document on your screen before printing. This will reduce the number of wasted sheets of paper, saving expense and helping the environment.

You are not permitted to take paper from computer labs for your personal use. To report instances of theft, please call 641.628.7010.

Version history

  • September 2005: Recommended to the President’s Advisory Council for adoption by the Technology Committee
  • June 2013: minor edits