Compensation For Training


This policy defines the details around how staff are compensated for time worked completing training and how that training is defined or assigned.


Exempt: classification of employee that are paid a set level of compensation and are not eligible for overtime pay regardless of hours worked. Also referred to as salaried.

Non-exempt:  classification of employes that are paid hourly and are eligible for overtime compensation if the total hours worked in a week are over 40.  The work week is defined as Sunday – Saturday.  Also referred to as hourly.

 Training: learning and educational opportunities for skill or behavior development of the employee in their role and/or career.


Employee: communicate training needs with supervisor and make requests for specific skill development needed through training or other opportunities.

Supervisor: determine training needs of individual employees based on performance and responsibilities.

Policy Details

The college may provide employees the opportunity to attend seminars and training programs. Time spent at training or seminars is permitted where such scheduling does not interfere with the employee’s job responsibilities and is approved by the immediate supervisor in advance.

1. Voluntary training – applies to both exempt and non-exempt

    1. When attendance at a training session is voluntary (not required for role or related to their work responsibilities), in most cases the time spent in training will be unpaid.
    2. If the training sessions are held at times that overlap the employee’s regular work schedule, with prior approval of their supervisor, the employee can take vacation time or agree to take time off without pay.
    3. For voluntary training, payment for travel time or mileage will not apply.

2. Required training – applies to both exempt and non-exempt

    1. When attendance at a training session is required and directly related to the employee’s work responsibilities, the employee will be paid for the time to attend as normal work time.
    2. Payment for travel expenses and/or travel time will depend on individual circumstances and be based on the travel policy.

Last Revision Date: 4/18/2024

Policy Owner: Talent, Equity, and Engagement Office