Attendance And Punctuality

Regular attendance and punctuality are important to the operation of the college and essential to the successful performance of any job at the college. If an employee is absent or tardy, the college’s ability to serve its students and perform other work is affected, and an extra unfair burden is placed on an employee’s fellow workers.  Unless absence is permitted under the college’s holiday or leave programs, each employee is responsible for being present at work and arriving on time. If an employee is going to be absent or going to be late, it is the employee’s responsibility to call his/her supervisor as soon as possible before the start of his/her work shift. Discuss with your manager the requirements of the department regarding notification of absenteeism or reporting late to work. An employee must notify his/her supervisor each day that he/she is absent or going to be late. 

An employee who is absent or tardy for reasons other than those permitted by the college’s holiday and leave programs may be subject to appropriate corrective action up to and including termination. In addition, an employee failing to report to work as a no-call/no-show may be considered a voluntary resignation and employment may be terminated. 

If an employee is absent as permitted under a leave program, the college may require the employee to bring a doctor’s note or otherwise substantiate the need for leave. 

Making Up Lost Time: Non-exempt employees may be asked or allowed to make up time lost due to absences. This time must be made up during the work week within which the absences occur. An employee must check with his/her supervisor prior to making up lost time due to absences. Overtime should not be used for non-exempt employees to make up absences. Exempt employees are expected to fulfill the responsibilities of their positions with early, late or weekend time as necessary.