Adoption Leave

Employees, including faculty members, working 0.50 FTE or more and have been employed by Central College for one year or more are eligible for adoption leave. When an employee is eligible, the College will pay for a maximum of four (4) weeks of adoption leave.*

If an eligible employee desires to extend the leave beyond the paid leave period outlined above, 8 additional unpaid weeks (for a total of 12 weeks), are available through the College’s Family and Medical Leave Policy (FMLA). All leave, paid and unpaid (total of 12 weeks), will be considered family medical leave. Such leave will not affect the employee’s seniority, benefits, or salary, and their position or one of similar status will be available upon return from the adoption leave.

A written request for this leave should be submitted to the immediate supervisor (the VPAA/Dean in the case of faculty) thirty (30) days prior to the expected date of leave.

* This includes the placement of a child(ren) in the Foster/Adopt Program through the State of Iowa.